I heard dripping in my walls and they came out to take a look. They were very fast to schedule and had a lot of flexibility. When the plumber got here, he took a look at my pipes and found that the issue was dripping inside the pipes and there was nothing wrong. He really took the time to explain how it worked and why I might be hearing the dripping. He wasn't rushed at all and even drew me a diagram. At the end, he didn't even charge me and said it was just an estimate/consultation.

    - Rosemary J.

    Marti's is our go to plumber service for last 4+ years!  They hold a great work ethic and excellent customer service.  Honest, fast, professional and knowledgeable!  They've been very reliable each time we've had an emergency (clogged kitchen sink, main pipe burst, and leaking water heater and replacement), or just needed a repair (leaky tub) or install a new toilet.

    - Fabiola C.

    Excellent response time and affordable. We have used Marti's on several occasions with different plumbing needs and each time the work has been done with professional results and guaranteed with immediate response time to troubleshoot and repair. Matt is an excellent plumber and assisted us with several plumbing issues during his visit.

    - Richard U.

    Have to say I was very impressed with this company they came out on time and did the job pretty fast at a reasonable cost very professional 10/10 will use them again

    - Trinity M.

    They came out last week to replace my water heater they didn’t charge to much I paid for professional clean service and they were also very nice I didn’t feel uncomfortable with them in my house over all great service

    - Miguel A.
    I can't say enough positive things about the service I received from Matt today. He was very thorough in explaining what he had to do and did it within a timely manner. He followed Covid protocols which in these times are important. He explained the issues with our plumbing and just got it done within the time he stated. I appreciate the customer service he provided and though I don't want to have any issues within plumbing in the future, if it comes up, I'd like to have Matt and the people from Marti's plumbing fixing the issue.
    - Dante S.
    Came out promptly on a Saturday at no additional charge. I called probably half a dozen plumbers and they had the most reasonable quote. Matt was extremely upbeat and positive, especially unusual given that is was a cold, dark, Saturday night and he was working outside.
    - Danielle H.
    These guys did a great job removing galvanized pipes and re-routing the water lines in my 100 year old house. He was responsive via email, phone, and text; accommodating to various requests from me and my wife; and got the work done as planned. I have them on speed dial now for my future plumbing needs!
    - Steven S.
    Just moved and water main broke. This is a complicated area with business unit around, and hard to identify the leaking source. James came to rescue on the night of calling, and started to search for the source. Excellent work and communication skills through out the process. When job finished, broken cement was put back to its state and really worrisome experience for me.
    - Jason Z.
    I needed to replace my bathtub drain because the stopper broke off. The hard part was that the drain was connected to a higher quality brass p trap, rather than a standard plastic one. Most plumbers wanted to replace the whole p trap, rather than preserve the brass one. Victor said they would keep the brass p trap, and he quickly gave me a quote that was comparable to all the others. Matt showed up the next day and said he could actually do a partial repair for half the cost. In the end the drain was too broken so we had to do the full repair but at least he tried. Quick, efficient, and respectful.
    - Kasra O.
    I had a toilet back up badly on a Sunday morning. I tried everything I could think of to clear it, but it wouldn't clear. I called Marti's and someone was at my house in 90 minutes. He was super professional and spent several hours working through my issue, which ended up being poor construction with the wax seal on the bottom of the toilet. He fixed it and did a great job at that.
    - Mckayla G.
    We had to get a spigot removed and capped, then a new one installed about 25 feet away from there. These guys answered the phone (which seems to be rare with many contractors) and were great to talk to. They were also available same day to get the work done and the price seemed acceptable. Their number is definitely saved in my cellphone!
    - Rob G.
    I generally don't write reviews but I thought it was worth mentioning my experience with Marti's. The original job was the removal and replacement of 5 bathroom sinks / faucets and a shower faucet in late 2019.  This was not a trivial job because the sinks were installed on top of bathroom tile.  Taylor and his colleague worked diligently throughout the project, arriving on time and with pleasant attitudes for several days.

    Before the Covid lockdown, I noticed a leak under one of the sinks.  I called Marti's and I told the friendly scheduler that Taylor was the contact person for my job.  She located him and Taylor and his colleague came out and quickly fixed the leak.

    Just a couple weeks ago, I noticed a small leak under another sink.  Like before, Taylor was able to come out the next day to take a look.  He quickly resolved the leak and also adjusted 3 drain stoppers.  Two stoppers were adjusted and the third stopper needs a new part.  Taylor tried to get the part at Home Depot but there weren't any appropriate parts.  He advised how to get the part and said he can help install it.

    I just think it is wonderful that Taylor and this company truly stand behind their work!  I've only had good experiences working with the scheduler and Taylor at Marti's Plumbing!  I really appreciate this.
    - S W.
    We have been working with Marti's for a very long time and they have always delivered excellent services. Recently for the first time we had a situation where we needed some help with bathtub drain and their employee kept delaying things multiple times / days. Finally we reached out to Victor explaining the situation. Victor very quickly figured out next steps, sent another employee to fix our problem and helped resolve it on financial side too. Once again they delivered excellent service.
    - Jiten V.
    My review is for a complete sewer project that Marti did for us in 2018. They replaced our leaky 50 year sewer pipes under the house with new ABS plumbing. It was done quickly and with minimal disruption. From quote to cleanup, it was all very professional with great friendly communication.

    My review is also for summer of 2020. In the middle of pandemic, we had a leak that looked like what we saw in 2018. I called Marti's. They were really busy due to all the commercial bathroom re-plumbings happening due to Covid requirements. But they still found a way to quickly send someone to my house. It turned out to be unrelated to the sewer work. It was a leaky water heater line. The technician fixed it quickly and was on his way. I thought they would at least charge me for the house call, but Marti's emailed me back and said not to worry about it. I was very pleased with the no charge, but more pleased that they care about customer service after a job.
    - Tom Y.
    I left a Yelp message in the morning. Got a call from Victor almost instantly and arranged an appointment for an estimate. I was speaking with a few other businesses and they started giving me really costly quotes and started scaring me. I called Marti's and asked for help. These guys sent one of their other guys over in a couple of hours.

    Taylor came over, looked at the issue and he calmed me down and gave me a reasonable quote in less than 10 minutes. He started working on the project and worked very hard for the next 5-6 hours and fixed the pipe leak. During this duration he had to go over to Home Depot a couple of times to get the stuff he needed. But he never bugged me or made me worry.

    Thanks Taylor.
    - Anirban B.
    We had our water main valves changed by Marti's plumbing. Taylor and Luis did the service with a smile and great customer satisfaction. They were knowledgeable and attended to the repair promptly and with care and understanding of the scope of work. We are really happy to have them complete the job at a reasonable price and in a timely manner.
    - Dan M.
    We had a clogged kitchen sink, called in the mid-morning and within a few hours the sink was fixed and draining well. Taylor came out on time, and after a quick assessment was able to use our outdoor clean-out to clear the clog. This type of clog has given other plumbers trouble in the past, and they've resorted to cutting into pipes inside the house to have a better entry point, but no trouble this time and no extra work required.
    - Andy P.
    My elderly father had a horribly clogged kitchen sink yesterday. (It was full of water and gross food and gunk that would not go down the disposal) My father was stressed and had called several plumbers to come out quickly. He was bounced around and was struggling. The estimates received were very high to come out quickly the same day. I found Marti's Plumbing on Yelp and called. I spoke with Maggie who confirmed that she could send a plumber out right away. She was very kind, professional and provided excellent service. The plumber, Eddy, arrived quickly, snaked the kitchen sink, snaked the side clean out and cleared all of the build up. He too was professional and very competent. My parents are elderly (over 80 yrs old) and I appreciated the precautions and PPE that this company adheres to and uses. Maggie also followed up with me and clearly explained the work that was completed the following day. Sometimes, my folks may not completely relay detailed information to me so I really appreciated Maggie going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. I appreciate that this company doesn't just use a phone service to answer calls and they seem to care about providing a personal touch. I'd highly recommend them for your plumbing needs and plan to recommend them to friends and neighbors. They service a very large area in California which makes it convenient since I live elsewhere in the Bay Area. Thank you for the Five Star Service! To the company: please recognize your superstars: Maggie and Eddy for their great service!
    - Reena P.

    They came out quickly, took the time to fix the issue, offered to move back the appliance, and made sure I was satisfied with the work before they left. I can't ask for a better experience. Thank you very much!

    - Ted G.

    We had Michael come out recently and he did a great job. Tiffany in the office was able to squeeze us in same day also! Price was fair, fast and efficient!

    - Gabe T.